Welcome to Quisper

Quisper® delivers a unique combination of innovation and scientifically sound data and knowledge

Who we are?

Quisper was started by the EU-funded project QuaLiFY and the consortium is evolving into an association. This makes it easier to foster open innovation with public/private organisations.

Scientific validation

Creation of an independent Scientific Advisory Board (QuiSAB) will ensure the validity of scientific data and knowledge rules included in Quisper. This combination, coherent information sources and scientific validation, with easy access through a single portal, makes Quisper unique.

Creating connections

Quisper offers a service that will allow individuals and companies to deliver personalised nutrition services (B2B). In 2019, further development of a personalised nutritional advice app will also enable consumers to access dietary advice directly (B2C).

Quisper offers a unique opportunity for developers (B2B) to improve their personalised nutrition offerings through access to standards, scientific validated data and knowledge rules, and a network of potential partners.

EIT Food funding

Quisper® has received funding from EIT Food, the innovation community on Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, under Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Exploiting data & knowledge

Startups, researchers and organisation in nutrition, health and lifestyle advice can connect to data and services available within the platform to create new services, improve their efficiency or enrich their content to deliver highly personalised advice that improves life.

Enrich your assets with Quisper

Have you collected data or developed an algorithm that creates value? Your data and knowledge remains under high security privacy, but you can mix it with other data or knowledge available in the system.

Exchange data, ideas, services & more

The platform has been developed by a consortium delivering data and services in the health sector; connect with us, and together we’ll grow stronger!

Reliable data source and service

The consortium – delivering data and services – is composed of SMEs and three research organisations engaged in :

  • food composition tables and food intake quantification,
  • self-quantification technologies in genotype, phenotype and nutritional status,
  • data handling and personal advice IT tools,
  • production and provision of personalised dietary advice services
  • innovative business development.

Plug-and-play web services to create new knowledge and services


With Quisper, you can choose to use/deliver data and services through standardised APIs and web-services that make it simple to enrich your services or collect value.
A one-stop-shop for valuable health-related data in Europe.


Quisper provides detailed statistics on the data/services used. Quisper creates data that you can use to increase user knowledge and improve continuously your services as well as adding value.


Scientific validation
The unique combination of innovative SMEs and research institutions in Quisper ensures a genuine scientific grounding. : a major difference and reassurance compared with other offerings for personal health advice.


Your data/services remain with you; they are only connected to Quisper to facilitate access.