Linking to Quisper

By the end of 2018, an beta-version of the Quisper Server Platform (QSP), based on Amazon API Gateway, will be launched. QSP will allow:
  • Providers – to connect a service to QSP
  • Users – to connect an app and use of providers’ services
Currently, the QuaLiFY QSP prototype on 3Scale is being migrated to Amazon Gateway. QSP on Amazon Gateway is designed for:
  • ICT and healthcare companies (large and SMEs)
  • Societal organisations (e.g. local health clubs)
  • Government healthcare services
  • Individual healthcare professionals and allied professions
  • Others, who share the desire to provide consumers with personalised nutrition advice.

To join the platform and discover what Quisper can deliver for you, please check the Developer Portal.

More information about joining Quisper, as a client or provider, is coming soon.