The following procdeure for providers to connect their services to Quisper is (please note this function is still under development and therefore some documents might be missing):
  1. Providers read the provider guidelines here (technical API guidelines, and non-technical guidelines prepared by the association)
  2. If a provider wants to connect a service to the platform, they should complete the ‘new web service form’.
    1. Providers should also describe the service in this form, like done for FoodTransport service (see attachment).
    2. Other non-technical information about the service or service provider needs to be collected
  3. The completed ‘new web service form’ is reviewed by someone from the association (for non-technical items) and by QSP maintainers (for technical items). – If the service does not comply to the technical guidelines or association policies, a representative from the association will inform the provider about this. – If the service is approved, the QSP maintainer will contact the provider (technical contact details are provided via new web service form) and the service will be connected
  4. Once the service is connected, the description of the service is added to the QSP
For more information, please contact us.