Benefits for users:

Validation of scientific evidence and knowledge through the Quisper Scientific Advisory Board (QuiSAB) will allow developers to improve personalised nutrition offerings through access to relevant national standards (e.g. dietary reference values), data, knowledge rules, tools and services as well as a network of stakeholders and potential users. USers with an application that connects to QSP can benefit from access to:
  • Multiple personal nutrition resources via a single gateway
  • High quality scientific data, knowledge rules, and tools

Requirements for users:

  • Complete registration to open a user account.
  • Obtain an API key to access services
  • Accessible documentation per service
  • Confirm to user guidelines
Users cannot have multiple applications per registration, and are not able to have an overview of services outside the QSP platform.

Data available for users:

  • Knowledge: EuroFIR – Dietary Reference Values
  • Tool and data: EuroFIR – Food Transport
  • Service: Personalised dietary advice
More information on the data and knowledge rules available can be found here. Payments and billing strategies will be implemented in 2019