Data and knowledge rules

At the start Quisper offers two extended databases and four knowledge rules.

The two databases are provided by EuroFIR, and cover a large part of Europe. More specifically, food composition data is available for 28 countries and dietary reference values are available for D-A-CH, UK, Italy and Nordic countries. EuroFIR is, as a provider, responsible for maintaining and expanding the data.

Four of the knowledge rules are fully developed, either by several SMEs (IPH, Swiss Analysis and Safecape) or resulting from the Food4Me project. Each knowledge rule has its specific purpose and can be used independently or in combination with each other. The following briefly describes each of the 4 algorithms:


The IPH and Food4Me knowledge rules are currently available for a few countries only. For additional countries Quisper is developing the necessary coherence of the national country data to fit with the knowledge rule.

Work is done to further expand the offering with one additional database of recipes, food pictures and portions and two additional knowledge rules: one providing dietary advice based on a combination of biomarkers and genes and one that translates dietary advice into a menu-planner for one or more weeks (as explained below):