EIT Food Quisper Project

This project has recevied funding from EIT Food (ID 18064). The Activity aims to deliver a digital platform as a supporting basis for creating and delivering personalised nutrition services in Europe based on a non-profit organisation with membership fees and payable query services to cover its operational costs. Services are designed for use by companies, societal organisations, government healthcare services and individual healthcare professionals desiring to organise and provide consumers with personalised nutrition advice. The work includes: (1) programming of a fully-fledged online digital service starting from a pre-beta version (Quisper Server Platform, QSP); (2) further development and integration of the eNutri App for personalized food recommendations (a test case); (3) the concept and set-up of the operational structure (data management, scientific advisory board, communication and marketing functions, Quisper management and governance structures); and (4) the active search for partners, suppliers and end-users to support and use QSP.

The problem

Consumers want to have healthier, more sustainable diets, and personalised diet/lifestyle advice has been shown to effect behavioural change. Current nutrition and health services are numerous but fragmented and often not science-based (commercial), therefore end users find it difficult to discern their quality, resulting in low trust and uptake. Dietary apps currently focus on calorie counting rather than providing personalised dietary recommendations, which could enable greater adherence.

Our solution

Quisper will be designed as a service platform that will create the opportunity for organisations to set-up personalised nutrition services (B2B), and further development of a personalized nutritional advice app (to be linked to QSP in 2019) will allow more accurate assessment of diet quality and targeted dietary advice to EU citizens (B2C). Both approaches are based on sound scientific principles and validated knowledge rules (via validation by an independent Scientific Advisory Board).

The business case

Quisper will allow developers (B2B) the opportunity to improve their personalised nutrition offerings with access to standards, data, knowledge rules, complimentary products, and a network of stakeholders/potential customers. Development and validation via Quisper will increase consumer confidence in products, and pull together previously fragmented and disparate services. Companies utilising QSP content will be charged, but this may be offset against data or apps contributed to the platform.

Competitive situation

With numerous diverse developments, each trying to build their own logic and scientific interpretation, there is a huge risk of aggravating the confusion in nutrition and health information to consumers. In the area of personalised nutrition, Quisper will be the first of its kind to bring an independent, scientifically validated and unified structure in the nutrition and health information basis offering trustworthy and validated personalised nutrition services to consumers.

Commercialisation plan

Establishing a new entity is not without risk, but the draft business models have been developed by appropriate stakeholders through the QuaLiFY project, and are therefore already in an advanced stage. The basic IT components are already in place, with both the platform and the nutrition app (e-Nutri) currently at TRL5. Attracting SMEs to integrate their products with the platform could be challenging, but several have already expressed an interest in using Quisper.

The purpose

The main purpose of Quisper is to deliver a digital platform that provides an interface between suppliers of scientific data and knowledge rules, and users (e.g. ICT companies, healthcare professionals, healthcare services) providing consumers with personalised nutrition advice. To achieve this, several tasks must be accomplished:
  1. Programming a fully-fledged online digital service starting from the pre-beta version
  2. Further development and integration of the eNutri App
  3. Setting-up of the operational structure
  4. Active search for suppliers and end-users
Visit the Quisper webiste: http://quisper.eu/

An Introduction to QSP