• How can I join the private beta program?

    It is easy and quick, just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with the complete process. You will then have full access to the data and services available in the platform. The bĂȘta program is - for the moment - limited to the scientific, academic and research organizations. Want to give it a try ? It's right here

  • I want to exploit data/services through Quisper, how does that work ?

    It is not complicated! Go to the sign-up section and you are in. During the beta period access is free to all available services. After the beta period, if you wish to keep on using the service, various offers will be available or contact us to discuss your options.  

  • Are there examples of what Quisper can do ?

      Quisper was created in an open-innovation project. It addresses the need for research to accelerate use of scientifically sound data through commercial exploitation (e.g. apps, web-services). It intends to deliver data, recommendations, services or calculations to improve personalised dietary advice.