Cooperation for personalised dietary advice: PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY

PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY (EU-funded projects) are joining forces to co-operate on our dissemination activities!  Both projects are focusing on personalisation of dietary advice for a healthier lifestyle. PRECIOUS is developing a preventative care system which uses a combination of state of the art motivational interview and gamification principles to reduce the risk of developing type […]

The Potential of Open Data

Viewpoint article by Sabri Abarkan, Vivsan Entering a new era of technology and information distribution comes with growing demands. While in the past governments, scientists and businesses have capitalised on restricting access to information, many are beginning to see the potential in developing new services in an environment where information is readily available to everyone. […]

The right to reliable (food) information

Viewpoint article by André Boorsma, TNO Google has just announced a remarkable initiative searching for medical information.  Instead of their page-ranking algorithm, a method determining the importance of a website based on numbers and quality of links is used, and medical information will be part of the knowledge graph (; boxes of basic information posted […]