Purpose, strategy and vision

The purpose of Quisper is to enhance health of the public by organizing, developing and exploiting an independent and scientifically sound digital information platform as a supporting tool for creating marketable personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice services as well as for research in the area of health oriented dietary behaviour change and the role of personalizing nutrition and lifestyle advice.
Quisper envisages a future where all people are conscious about what they eat and how they live, and has the ambition to ensure proper scientific data and knowledge rules are applied to provide personalised advice.
Its strategy is to become the first and remain the preferred service offering scientifically validated information sources for personalised nutrition development, either for use by companies/organisations offering dietary and lifestyle advice to citizens and/or for research purposes.

The Quisper concept

Digital information platform

Quisper is a digital information platform that presents an interface between suppliers of data and knowledge rules useful for building personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice and users which retrieve such information to either create personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice services for consumers and patients or to conduct further scientific research in this field.

  • For suppliers it offers the opportunity to share and value their data and/or knowledge rules with a wider group of potential users, be it researchers or businesses.
  • For users it offers a convenient one-stop shop where all the necessary and scientifically valid data and knowledge rules are available through a single interface and with the assurance of data coherence between the various sources.

An open platform

Quisper intends to further expand the offering with more data and knowledge rules and to further elaborate knowledge rules by combining these into more integrated ones. Thus Quisper will make substantial efforts to promote and disseminate the platform to a wide audience of industrial, research and societal communities in the area of

  • food,
  • dietetics,
  • health,
  • wellness
  • performance.

Cooperation platform

In addition, it will stimulate cooperation between users and providers by organising information sessions to enhance the use and stimulate the further development of knowledge rules.

Scientific validation

Through a Scientific Validation Team consisting of 6 independent experts, Quisper will assure that all data and knowledge rules made available through the platform will be properly validated.

This includes verifying that scientific procedures have been thoroughly applied in researching and developing as well as in maintaining the data and knowledge rules provided by the suppliers.

A unique proposition

It is this combination of a coherent information source with scientific validation and easy access through a single portal that makes Quisper a unique proposition for any service provider in personalised nutrition.

Support services

Quisper will offer support services helping users to understand what data and knowledge rules are available and how they can be used for their personalised nutrition offerings or in a research programme.

These support services will include links to Quisper member companies which provide biomarker (blood) and DNA analytical services and which can assure feedback of the data through the Quisper platform.