Business Model

Quisper’s business model is different from the usual service-based concept. Instead, the Quisper model is one based on value for society. This is based on three ideas:
  1. Stakeholder win-win-win:
    1. Individuals are empowered to achieve healthier food consumption patterns
    2. Healthcare costs are reduced because of fewer food-related health issues, and
    3. Food supply chain is simplified, reducing risks and cost associated research and substantiation for health-promoting products
  2. Value creation:
    1. Data suppliers: share data and/or knowledge rules with a wider audience
    2. Data users: scientifically validated data and knowledge rules are available through a single interface
  3. Value proposition: unique selling propositions are:
    • Scientifically validated
    • Affordable and widely available
    • Coherent
    • Adaptive
    • Secure
    • Convenient