Scientific Advisory Board (QuiSAB)

Scientific Advisory Board

A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of experts who have skills, knowledge and competencies across different areas of a company. Their role is to provide a valuable third-party perspective for the company management and advise the organisation on the impact of an action. Their input should be oriented towards strategic advice, pinpointing the scientific quality for external investors and promoting expansion of the company’s user network. Members of SAB can be added or removed from the board, depending on the needs of the company at a given time.

What is QuiSAB?

Quisper Scientific Advisory Board (QuiSAB) will be composed of a heterogeneous group of scientific leaders in molecular nutrition, nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition. The role of these experts will be to assess the quality of data, knowledge rules and tools offered through the Quisper platform (QSP) to ensure scientific validity of the personalised advice provided.  

Establishment of QuiSAB

  • Include the SCALE model figure (pp.5) and a brief explanation of each phase.
    • Selection: a group of experts in the health science and nutrition fields were identified.
    • Compensation: in return for their work, QuiSAB members will receive an honorarium and expenses to attend face-to-face meetings (i.e. travel, accommodation and receipted costs) as well as VIP access to QSP events.
    • Association: QuiSAB candidates will join the board after signing the QuiSAB “Board Member Contract” and “Confidentiality Agreement”, which confirm acceptance of QuiSAB “Terms of Reference”, and completing the QuiSAB “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form”, which will be published online <link>.
    • Leverage: principal tasks of QuiSAB will be to assess the scientific quality of data, knowledge rules and tools offered through QSP to ensure compliance with defined quality standards, also published online <link>.
    • Evaluation & Exit: QuiSAB members and the board as a whole will be evaluated annually. This will allow QuiSAB effectiveness to be monitored, with the aim of maintaining and improving performance year-on-year, and ensure that QuiSAB members are not overwhelmed with work as individuals.

Members of QuiSAB 

Selection process of the QuiSAB members is on-going. Biographies will be uploaded once the QuiSAB is established fully.