The Potential of Open Data

Viewpoint article by Sabri Abarkan, Vivsan

Entering a new era of technology and information distribution comes with growing demands. While in the past governments, scientists and businesses have capitalised on restricting access to information, many are beginning to see the potential in developing new services in an environment where information is readily available to everyone. Europe has implemented the G8 Open Data Charter, and national governments around the world are opening up vast amounts of data produced in the past. In such an environment, scientists and businesses can look to thrive through utilization rather than ownership of information, and develop new types of services.

QuaLiFY, as EU-funded research comprised of SMEs and research and technology organisations, is embarking on this mission. A platform of scientifically validated information is being created that supports personalised health and nutrition advice. Due to its nature, the platform will only grow in value as more information is connected to it, thereby providing a wider range of information to match increasingly the needs of users. With established protocols for information storage and delivery, dissemination of information is optimised, and interested parties allowed to access information they need from a single location in a presentable format.

The result of open data on a publically accessible platform, where a wide range of scientific organisations and companies can contribute/ participate, is specialisation across a wide range of areas while maintaining quality. As well as increasing the usefulness through quality and categorisation, this also allows research and business to improve their activities and services. Vitakid, a platform for the health and well-being of children, for example, will connect to the QuaLiFY Server Platform to improve its services.


How can I join the private beta program?

It is easy and quick, just fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with the complete process. You will then have full access to the data and services available in the platform. The bĂȘta program is - for the moment - limited to the scientific,…

I want to exploit data/services through Quisper, how does that work ?

It is not complicated! Go to the sign-up section and you are in. During the beta period access is free to all available services. After the beta period, if you wish to keep on using the service, various offers will be available or contact us to discuss your options.  

Are there examples of what Quisper can do ?

  Quisper was created in an open-innovation project. It addresses the need for research to accelerate use of scientifically sound data through commercial exploitation (e.g. apps, web-services). It intends to deliver data, recommendations, services or calculations to improve personalised dietary advice.