We intended to present this poster at EFFoST 2019 (Rotterdam - NL, 12-14th November 2019). Instead, we were invited to give an oral presentation. Having done the work, however, we are sharing the abstract and poster, and invite you to Session 2C Personalised Food & Nutrition (17:00-17:20).

Quisper: Bridging the gap between consumers and scientifically validated personalised nutrition advice

Segovia-Lizano1, R. Berry1, S. Astley2, J. Goossens3, K. Gedrich4, P.M. Finglas1,2

1Quadram Institute Bioscience, UK; 2EuroFIR AISBL, Belgium; 3shiftN, Belgium; 4Technical University of Munich, Germany

Introduction: Consumer interest in eHealth technologies and personalised services, which provide tailor-made recommendations to improve their health and quality of life, is growing. Personalisation of advice can increase motivation and induce greater behavioural change in consumers. An increasing number of companies are developing apps, wearables and web-tools to meet consumer demand, but the scientific basis for these approaches is often unclear, which can lead to poor consumer trust. Quisper is a new initiative, currently funded by EIT-Food (ID 18064/19075), which builds on the outcomes of previous EU-projects (Food4Me, QuaLiFY) and aims to facilitate the provision of high-quality personalised nutrition services to the consumer.

Methods: A series of use case studies will be conducted during 2019-2020, working with SMEs to connect a range of personalised nutrition services, which will be tested on small focus groups for evaluation. Additionally, more personalised nutrition tools, knowledge rules and datasets will be identified, validated by a scientific advisory board, and integrated with the Quisper Server Platform (QSP). This online digital service will enable the access to validated content to the SMEs as well as other personalised nutrition companies willing to improve their offerings.

Results & Discussion: A summary of the integrated and connected QSP services will be presented, including an update of the ongoing Use Cases and focus group assessment. Personalised nutrition advice can have a greater impact on dietary changes than generic recommendations (one-size-fits-all approach), but consumer confidence may be undermined by the scientific quality of the currently available tools and services.

Conclusions: By working directly with SMEs, Quisper will facilitate the provision of high-quality personalised nutrition services, thereby helping to increase consumer trust and subsequently adherence to healthy lifestyle goals.