Linking to Quisper

Creating Quisper® for personalised nutrition advice services

Currently, the QuaLiFY QSP prototype on 3Scale is being migrated to Amazon Gateway.

Quisper® on Amazon Gateway is designed for:

  • ICT and healthcare companies (large and SMEs)
  • Societal organisations (e.g. local health clubs)
  • Government healthcare services
  • Individual healthcare professionals and allied professions
  • Others, who want to provide personalised nutrition advice services
To discover what Quisper can do for you, check out the Developer Portal
More information about joining Quisper as a client (user or provider) is coming soon


If you would like to provide data, knowledge rules, tools or services to Quisper®, you must be willing to undergo review by QuiSAB and abide by Quisper technical API and non-technical guidelines.

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Users of Quisper can improve their personalised nutrition offerings through access to scientifically validated data, knowledge rules, tools and services as a network of stakeholders and potential clients.

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