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What is your webservice called?
Summary description of the webservice including those who might want to use this resource. Please provide references and links where necessary.
Detailed documentation (if available); if the documentation is not available online, please indicate whether it is available offline and in what format (e.g. WORD or PDF). Alternatively, these can be sent to [email protected]
Name used to reach the service via{system-name}. All characters should be lower-case and no spaces. Use “-” to separate words.
Is a logo available? Confirm the format (e.g. PNG). If available to download, please provide a link. Otherwise, send the logo to [email protected]
A valid URL for the hosted webservice, including port number, if necessary
Services made available to Quisper are protected and an API-Key will be provided. If you have custom security validations (e.g. request must contain a request-token), please supply a token that can be used by Quisper.
Visit and the Swagger Editor to create the documentation. Then, send the documentation to [email protected]
Please provide a complete working example of a request, including providing inputs and request format and expected output
Please provide the name for technical personnel who can be contacted to connect your resource to Quisper and deal with technical questions
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