Quisper® offers a convenient one-stop shop where data, knowledge rules, tools and services, validated by the Quisper Scientific Advisory Board (QuiSAB), are available through a single interface.

Requirements for users

  • Register with the developer portal
  • Obtain an API key (via the developer portal)
  • Have accessible documentation
  • Conform to user guidelines


  1. Users cannot have multiple applications per registration, i.e. each must be registered separately
  2. Quisper® does not offer an overview of services outside the platform, i.e. users may be able to connect to these or other resources directly, albeit under different terms & conditions.

Currently available

No services are available currently.
If you can help Quisper optimise this process, please contact [email protected]

Currently, Quisper® is working to connect:

  • Knowledge: EuroFIR – Dietary Reference Values
  • Tool and data: EuroFIR – Food Transport
  • Service: Personalised dietary advice

Payments and billing will be implemented in 2019