EIT Food & EIT Health Cross KIC Event: Benefits of biologicals for food & health industries

14th June 2018 (Rotterdam, NL)

Koppert Biological Systems hosted the first cross-KIC event amongst partners from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food and Health Communities. The event showcased examples where the two communities have been successful independently but also ways in which they might work together in other EIT-funded projects. Speakers included Menno Kok (Director of EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands), Angelo Vermeulen (NASA), Imran Afzal (PepsiCo).

This event illustrated interconnections between these sectors and the willingness to engage more amongst projects with common interests. Menno Kok described how EIT Health could fund more prevention-related projects in coming years, and revealed there will be joint EIT Health and EIT Food funding calls in the future, related to education, business creation and sustainability. There will also be a joint innovation strategy for cross-KIC projects linking food and health. Importantly, for Quisper, Menno highlighted research in disease prevention, specifically the impact on individuals who are aware of a genetic predisposition and what it means in terms of health and dietary behaviours.

Angelo Vermeulen (NASA) talked about the many food innovations happening in the space sector (e.g. 3D-printed food to space farming) and discussed how NASA researchers monitor the composition of foods consumed. Understanding links between different types of food data (e.g. production methods and composition) is important for Quisper.

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