Quisper: A digital solution to enhance consumer trust in personalised nutrition

D. Segovia-Lizano1, R. Berry1, Siân Astley2, and P.M. Finglas1,2

1 Food Databanks National Capability, Quadram Institute, United Kingdom &
2 EuroFIR AISBL, Belgium

[email protected]

Development of apps, wearables, and web-tools, and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), which enable personalised nutrition advice for consumers, are growing in number and sophistication. Consumers are increasingly interested in tailor-made recommendations that can help improve health and lifestyle choices. Previous studies have shown the use of technology to deliver personalised nutrition advice can induce greater behavioural changes in consumers for longer. Nevertheless, the lack of solid scientific evidence for personalised services can create doubt about their value and accuracy, undermining consumer trust.

Quisper®, funded EIT-Food (ID 19075), is developing further outputs from past EU-projects (Food4Me, QuaLiFY) with the aim of delivering a digital platform (QSP) that facilitates, for the first time, access to scientifically validated personalised nutrition data, knowledge rules, tools and services (resources).

Quisper® is also pursuing a business-to-business strategy, where SMEs, companies or research organisations can integrate their resources with QSP to add new information and features or improve existing functionalities.

In addition, small business-to-consumer components will be added to the platform, such as eNutri app, which was developed by the University of Reading (UK) and, currently, is being enhanced for use with mobile technologies. The app delivers personalised food-based dietary advice automatically. During the second half of 2019, eNutri app will be validated in the UK and Germany, and the impact of personalised food recommendations on dietary habits and consumer behaviour examined. This work will also demonstrate whether and how methodologies, such as Diet Quality Scores, can be tailored and applied in different European Member States.

Part of the unique approach of Quisper® is the involvement of an independent scientific advisory board (QuiSAB), which will evaluate the resources linked with QSP. This will ensure the scientific validity of information underpinning services based on QSP. By facilitating access to scientifically validated resources, Quisper® can assist SMEs to improving their offerings and provide consumers with high-quality personalised nutrition services, increasing trust and, eventually, improved health due to long-term sustainable behavioural changes.